Motion Picture News:

* 20th Century Fox & DreamWorks recent release "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise had a Hot Body video clip picked out by Steven Spielberg himself for a futuristic motel scene.

* Warner Brothers release "Analyze That", the follow up to "Analyze This" with Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro...... hotbodystock prop posters in two scenes with Billy's actor son in his bedroom and a jail cell scene.

* Just released Disney Studios "Bringing Down the House", with Queen Latifa and Steve Martin there is a men's magazine prop that was created solely from hotbodystock photos.

* In the upcoming DreamWork Productions recent release "Surviving Christmas ", starring Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini look for a adult web site created with hotbodystock photography.

* And coming out in the future, Disney Studios "Ladder 49", starring John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix .

* And in the future, Universal Studios "American Wedding", the follow up to American Pie .

TV News:

* Look for " The Man Show" on Fox Television, hotbodystock photos will be in a scene in the Manovations segment about "eating the evidence" (if you are caught by your wife or girlfriend checking out sexy photos).

* Look for " Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC Television to use hotbodystock photography in their video skits.

Music News:

* D3 Entertainment has come to hotbodystock for provocative music CD cover art for 4 new releases, "Paris Burning", "Latin Smash", "95 South", and "69 Boyz". Visit:

Poster News:

* Trends International came to hotbodystock to find the perfect photo for their sexy poster "Ideal Women... Ideal Attitude". Visit:

* Creative Editions and Fine Posters, an online creative printing company site, will be creating a line of 26 posters by hotbodystock photographer Craig X Sotres. Visit:

Magazine News:

* For over 4 years now "Playboy Magazine" has consistently used hotbodystock for their GraveVine page.

* The Netherlands based "Foxy Magazine" now looks to hotbodystock for their mature glamour covers and insert poster art photography.

* New magazine "XTC Publications" in Pittsburg now relies on hotbodystock to supply sexy advertising art for the magazine and their numerous clients.

Calendar News:

* Coming for 2003 "California Dreaming" a box calendar by Trends Iinternational with daily pull off pages that will feature 365 hotbodystock bikini photos. Look for it in major outlets near you.

* Mexico printing company Apoyo y Comunicacion created a sexy wall calendar with 3 hotbodystock photos for 2003.

Web News:

* is now in it's second year of contracting hotbodystock for bikini photography for their daily e-mail service. That will make 600 bikini photos supplied. Visit:

* Creative idea company now looks to hotbodystock for their "hot body" art requirements. Visit:

Computer Game News:

* In the future hobodystock is looking forward to supplying photography for a stand alone computer card game for the London based company Cyberview Technology.

Video & DVD News:

*And ofcourse Hot Body International, the original client for the stock agency, just created their 200th show for pay-for-view TV and video and DVD releases.